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You Are Unique

The concept of “personalised nutrition” isn’t exactly new, but with so much information at our fingertips, it isn’t always easy to find what works right for you, as an individual.

The reason I first became involved in helping others with their unique nutrition and detoxification goals was when I realised there are far too many “one size fits all” plans out there. I achieved improvements in my own health following a personalised detox plan; I listened to my body and found what worked for me individually.

After dedicated research and science-based training, understanding how personalised nutrition advice works gave me the opportunity to safely help others with their health goals.

The science behind personalised nutrition is incredibly extensive and is focused on the individual. The role of a Nutrition and Detox Specialist is to educate clients to identify and reduce exposure to certain food and environmental toxic chemicals, decease the burden on the body and strengthen the eliminative organs through the application of scientifically proven and personalised nutritional strategies.

There is a secret that those of us who keep up to date with the latest science know:

When it comes to nutrition and detoxification, what works for one person has little to no effect on a second person, and can actually make a third person worse.

Promoters of popular detox diets encounter this scenario at some point: they read something out there and how it was successful in helping people. They put it forward to someone and it works wonderfully, but then when recommending the same protocol to someone else, they discover that it fails.

The problem is: many people follow “hear-say” or recommend what worked for them (which may not work for someone else), leaving out the person’s unique situation and detoxification needs.

It’s ironic that we find ourselves amongst an extraordinary information overload with the internet and social media. However, instead of bringing greater clarity, we find ourselves even more lost and confused.

More books and websites than ever before focus on detox diets and “reset cleanses”. Yet, everywhere we look, we find contradictions. One “expert” says one thing; another says just the opposite.

It isn’t possible to offer one single detoxification protocol for everyone. While there are some essential lifestyle protocols to follow, such as avoiding harmful foods, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep, a truly successful detox plan needs to be uniquely designed for YOU.

Why? Because everyone’s biochemistry, toxicity risk levels and detoxification capacity are different. Even between people living in the same house, with similar environments!

For that reason, scientific research is moving towards a more individualised approach, and the primary application of personalised detoxification has been formulated into specific evaluation systems and proprietary methodologies developed by leading scientists and researchers at The Health Sciences Academy, whom I had the privilege to learn from.

To achieve your detox goals, we must first understand your current toxicity risk levels, identify your own physiological and biochemical detoxification detractors, and have a tailored plan that works for (and not against) your body.

As a Certified Nutrition and Detox Specialist, I utilise science-based tools in order to evaluate detoxification capacity, recognise sources of exogenous or endogenous toxicants and detect symptoms of acute or chronic exposure. I then provide personalised nutritional and lifestyle strategies to reinforce your body’s detoxification mechanisms.

If you would like to embark on your own individual detox journey with me and reap incredible health benefits, please click here. I would be delighted to help you with your health and detox goals!

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