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About Fleur

Hi, I’m Fleur and I’m a Certified Nutritional Therapist

I’m also a Certified Child Nutrition Advisor. I help parents and early years providers find (easier!) ways to nourish their children and keep them healthy.

Mums, if you’re in the throes of motherhood, I know how hard life can be when your health is at the bottom of your mile-long list of priorities.

I’m here to help.

I support women through the pre-and post-natal period of life, and all that entails.

If you’re struggling with fertility, thyroid, gut health or weight concerns, let’s connect to see where I can help.

I know first-hand that one of the biggest challenges in parenting is getting our children to eat and enjoy good food!

Keeping our children healthy with nutritious food isn’t easy. Trust me, I know.

Even with a nutrition background, I’m still just a mum, trying not to get it wrong all the time! 

After qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist, I never thought I’d struggle feeding my kids healthy, nutritious foods. I never imagined we’d encounter any  picky eating challenges. My kids were going to happily munch on carrot sticks while other kids were demanding Haribo sweets. 

But, ha! Was I wrong.

A degree of picky eating is normal and my children are no different to any other. 

But this experience inspired me to study further. My work as a Child Nutrition Advisor meant learning the best nutrients for a child’s optimal health and brain development, but also included learning proven, evidence-based techniques that work amazingly well with children with selective eating tendencies. These practices, along with focusing on key nutrients, have a powerful impact on a child’s health and emotional wellbeing. 

It makes me so sad to think of any child being afraid to eat. Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, something everyone should enjoy.  

My mission is to share what I’ve learned, so we can raise up the next generation as the healthy and happy souls they were born to be. 

If you're struggling with your child's health or eating, please book a free call with me to see where I can help.

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