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Are You Affected by Autoimmunity?

I’ve been working for many months of this year on a new E-Book I’m thrilled to finally announce; The Ultimate AIP Roadmap, a Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Navigating Your Way Around the Autoimmune Protocol.

The topic of autoimmunity is a particular passion of mine as autoimmune diseases have become much more common in recent years, greatly affecting everyday life but often going undiagnosed or ineffectively treated.

I have an autoimmune thyroid condition myself, which I successfully manage with a combination of the right medication, diet and lifestyle considerations.

The Autoimmune Protocol is a food-based approach to reducing inflammation in the body. It isn’t a diet solely for people suffering from autoimmune disease; it’s a temporary, restrictive but clean way of eating that focuses on real food and excludes anything that may potentially create inflammation in the body.

I created this e-book for anyone who feels frustrated with feeling unwell all the time. Perhaps you’re not getting the right answers from your doctor or you’re taking medication but it’s not brought back your quality of life.

Perhaps you’re suffering from gastrointestinal systems and you want to identify if something in your diet is to blame. Or maybe you simply feel like you need a diet overhaul to clean out your system and recover some much-needed energy.

Whatever your reason, the science behind the Autoimmune Protocol shows that the diet can help to reduce inflammation in the body and assist in healing the gut.

The first part of this book is a guide on the basics of autoimmunity, how lifestyle factors affect disease and how to make simple changes to protect yourself from negative lifestyle factors.

AIP Contents Page

The second section then includes five whole weeks of meal plans, easy-to-cook recipes and shopping lists to make your life easier.

AIP Image 4

I’ve also included a separate, bonus section of recipes and shopping lists for AIP-friendly smoothies, snacks, drinks and desserts. My own experience with the autoimmune protocol diet taught me that being armed with options for drinks, snacks and desserts ensured I didn’t feel deprived (or grumpy!) at having to temporarily give up some of my favourite things.

The e-book is currently on sale until the end of January so make the most of the reduced price! Let me know in the comments or email me directly if you have any questions.

You can buy The Ultimate AIP Roadmap, a Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Navigating Your Way Around the Autoimmune Protocol HERE.

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