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What is Detoxification & Why is it Important?

Detoxification and toxicology are two long-established fields of scientific research. The term “detoxification” has been used in mainstream healthcare for decades to describe the process of weaning drug-dependent patients. But in recent years, “detox” has acquired a new and more recognised meaning to describe the process of eliminating accumulated substances that the body doesn’t need, such as;

  • Certain by-products of the body’s own metabolism
  • Environmental chemicals in the air, water, at home and in food
  • Unhelpful bacteria, parasites and yeast overgrowth
  • Toxins acquired from unhealthy lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking excess alcohol and eating too many processed foods


Fortunately, the miracle and marvel that is the human body means that our organs are designed to filter out many of the toxins the world throws at us. The human body is an incredible and complex machine built to deal with toxins. These pathways of detoxification are present in numerous areas of the body including the digestive system, the mouth, stomach intestines, skin, liver and kidneys.

Understanding how these processes work gives us the ability to play an active role in helping them out and supporting their efforts.

Over time, our bodies can become burdened by the level of toxins they are forced to cope with and that is when a detox program can clear out unnecessary and accumulated toxins, cleanse our bodily systems and strengthen our detox capabilities for the future.

Some may argue that a detox program isn’t necessary, that the body is designed to deal with toxins effectively enough and we don’t need to do anything to affect these processes. But scientifically, we know that refined sugar, excessive alcohol consumption and processed foods aren’t good for us. These things can create toxins that accumulate over time and put a tremendous amount of strain on the body.

Avoiding these foods, even temporarily, can give our detox capabilities a boost and encourage the body to perform better, allowing us to feel our best and fight disease.

Your body expends as much effort detoxifying toxins as it does building new cells, but there is a limit to how much it can cope with.

We are all unique, in both the toxins we react to and our ability to clear them from our body. When the body is detoxifying efficiently, we will immediately feel better. But there are deeper benefits to effective detoxification in that it has the power to extend a heathy life and prevent disease.

The aim of a detox program is to reduce the burden on the main organs of detoxification; the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, and skin.  With the focus on assisting these organs, we hope to clear out any accumulated toxins, help the body to reverse any temporary damage, and gain knowledge of which types of foods promote effective detoxification to assist these detoxification capabilities for the future.

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