I often get asked about products I personally use and recommend, so I have highlighted a few of them on this page.

Some of these are affiliate links, whereby I receive a small commission if you decide to purchase them. This does not affect the cost for you. All products I display here are things I genuinely use personally, and recommend. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

After studying and analysing numerous cosmetics brands, I have chosen and fallen in love with Neals Yard Organics. Their entire line is natural, organic, sustainable and ethical, all of which are equally important when choosing skincare.

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Laundry Soap Nuts – these are amazing, I wish I’d known about them years ago! Amazing value for money, completely natural and they get your clothes really clean. I highly recommend them!


Himalayan Salt Lamp – A must-have in place of regular lamps at night, Salt Lamps emit a warm, orange light as apposed to blue light which can disturb much-needed melatonin levels at night.

Essential Oil Diffuser – Use with your favourite essential oils in place of air fresheners. Essential oils also have numerous health benefits, including removing air-borne toxins, aiding respiratory ailments and promoting restful sleep.

Magnesium Lotion for Sleep (it may tingle a little the first few times, that’s normal!)

Hydration & Wellbeing

Glass Water Drinking Bottle

Water filter  I chose this one as we use and drink gallons of water daily in my home, so this one fits perfectly on my countertop without having to constantly keep refilling a jug.


Magnesium Lotion for Sleep

Beautiful Bamboo Blanket 

The most eco-friendly nappies on the market (these were highly researched!)

Cloth Nappies




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