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  • In recent years, the ketogenic diet has gained significant attention for its potential health benefits and ability to support weight loss. The ketogenic diet, or keto diet, is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that encourages the body to enter a state of ketosis, where it primarily burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. In this blog post, I explore the science behind the ketogenic diet and discuss its various benefits that extend beyond weight loss. Effective Weight
  • Detoxification and toxicology are two long-established fields of scientific research. The term “detoxification” has been used in mainstream healthcare for decades to describe the process of weaning drug-dependent patients. But in recent years, “detox” has acquired a new and more recognised meaning to describe the process of eliminating accumulated substances that the body doesn’t need, such as;Certain by-products of the body’s own metabolismEnvironmental chemicals in the air, water, at home and in foodUnhelpful bacteria, parasites
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    The immune system is a complex network of organs, cells, proteins and tissues which all work together to protect the body from foreign invaders and disease.The immune system is made up of two parts; the innate immune system, which we are born with, and the adaptive (or acquired) immune system, which is built over time from exposure to the environment. The immune system is strongly influenced by nutrients. The following vitamins, minerals and specific foods are
  • If you’re looking to improve or protect your fertility, there are lots of ways you can achieve this through simple lifestyle interventions. The way we live has a huge effect on our overall health, including our fertility. The following methods can be be powerful in helping to improve hormone balance and support fertility. 1. Detox Detoxification is a process that removes toxins from the body. These toxins can come from the environment, food, and even
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    When it comes to a child’s behaviour, food plays a big role. A balanced diet is important for proper brain growth and development, and while deficiencies in certain nutrients can affect a child’s mood and behaviour, keeping their blood sugar levels stable is equally important. When a child consumes a lot of high-carbohydrate and sugary foods, such as sweets, chocolate, pastries, ice cream, white bread, white rice and fruit juice, their blood sugar will spike.
  • Pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period are the most incredible times in a woman’s life. The conception, growth and birth of a new life is such a miracle and I believe every woman on earth should be honoured for the power she has during this time. However, for me, pregnancy was the beginning of what has now been a six-year journey with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. My first child was born at the end of 2016. After
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    Have you ever felt the effects of mild dehydration? Symptoms are typically headaches, lethargy, poor concentration and of course, feeling thirsty. We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, particularly during the summer when it’s hot. Children can suffer mild dehydration more easily than adults due to their activity levels, being distracted or not liking plain water.  Inadequate hydration can have serious negative effects. In children, it can lead to poor cognitive and emotional function.
  • My kids love baking.  Most parents I speak to tell me their kids love baking. Even picky eaters love baking, I wonder why that is?  Kids are naturally curious and love to explore colours and textures, even smells. They might not be as adventurous when it comes to tasting new things but that’s okay. They almost always will, on their own terms. Especially when they feel free and safe to explore.  Getting my kids involved
  • In my previous blog post about blood sugar, I wrote about why we need to be mindful of our blood sugar and its impact on our health. You can catch up on that here. But knowledge isn’t enough if we don’t put it into practice, right? In this post, I’ve highlighted five easy but effective ways to manage blood sugar all day. Incorporating these things into your day will help to avoid energy crashes and
  • Are you familiar with the “mid-afternoon slump?”  If you’ve never experienced this natural phenomenon and you have bounds of energy all day long, please feel free to skip this article! But if you often get to 2 pm and you feel you can barely make it through the afternoon without a nap, please read on. Symptoms like fatigue, feeling shaky or dizzy, palpitations, headaches and brain fog often categorise the mid-afternoon slump. But whether you’re
  • If there is one smell that brings back happy memories of my childhood, it’s the smell of wild garlic. It grows in abundance along the road by my childhood home and always reminds me of Spring. Wild garlic works brilliantly in soups and salads. It makes an amazing pesto and, during Spring, is one of the most versatile condiments in my kitchen. Pesto isn’t just for pasta, however. It also makes an amazing dip for
  • Pancakes are a staple in my house. With endless possibilities to add multiple nutrient-dense ingredients, they can make a nutritiously-complete meal. Pancakes are perfect if your child doesn’t eat a wide-variety of foods. It’s funny but no matter what I put in my pancakes, my kids will always eat them! I call these make-ahead pancakes because they serve a purpose when you don’t have time to make breakfast. But of course, you don’t have to

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