Gut Restoration


Hippocrates famously said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Now modern medicine might not agree with this, but in funtional medicine, where we look at the body as a whole, it’s becoming more apparent that a disfunction in the gut, (or an imbalance in the gut microbiome) is often either the starting point or the catalyst to developing chronic disease.

It’s easy to address gut issues when you have obvious gastrointestinal symptoms, but even issues such as fatigue, brain fog and skin rashes such as eczema or dermatitis can signal inflammation in the gut, even in the absence of gatrointestinal symptoms. A proper analysis of your history, diet and lifestyle along with diagnostic testing, where necessary, can help to identify problems and give us clues as to how to begin healing them.

Gut Restoration – 12 Week Program

Focus on identifying underlying issues of IBS, healing gut permeability (leaky gut), identifying food sensitivities, diversifying and restoring gut microbiome

£299 per month  (min 8-week commitment)


  1. Questionnaires;
  • Informed Consent Form
  • Health Check Questionnaire
  • 3-Day Food Diary
  • Symptoms Assessment
  1. 90-Minute session to start covering background, family health, medical/health history, current diet and supplement analysis, symptoms analysis
  1. Recommendations on diagnostic testing* and interpretation of results
  1. Personalised 5R Gut Healing Program; Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair, Rebalance
  • Foods to avoid and include, weekly meal plans, shopping lists and recipe ebooks
  • Supplement recommendations*
  • Suggestions for lifestyle considerations where appropriate, i.e. tips on getting more sleep, hydration, exercise, reducing environmental toxins
  1. Weekly 30-minute follow-up sessions

*Optional, not included in program price

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